Not another bike map

If it is true that the medium is the message, then brace yourself for a sermon. I have a new website to share, with videos, an e-book, interactive maps, my god even T-shirts! But if you have a moment to consider the message behind the medium, you will want to know that a wide range of mapping techniques can be used to analyse built environments.

The city for cautious cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and brave cyclists.

The city for cautious cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and brave cyclists.

I have a colleague who is expert in a range of these: cognitive mapping, figure-ground maps, spatial syntax analysis, etc.. Together we have just led a team of students investigating a very typical Australian city with the usual complete absence of bicycle transport. It’s telling when a city can give the world Richie Porte yet destroy the ¬†bike culture evident in photos like this:
tram in charles
Mapping techniques cast a stark light on the auto-centric bastardry that has made our cities so uninviting. You begin to see that 20 percent of Australians are less to blame for their own obesity than the city planners who have made it so hard for anyone to walk or cycle in historic Australian cities. The following video introduces the range of projects. Hopefully it will entice you to visit the website, or read the e-book. For a small fee I’m sure a few students would be available to use these mapping techniques to reveal the full horror of your city too.

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