Winter no need to ride dowdy

You would have heard that theory that we are just avatars in one of our descendants’ millions of computer models of the ye-olde days, that they visit as tourists. Clearly I have been programmed to give them a perfect image of gentlemanhood when steeped within bicycling subcultures.

My new jumper and beanie from

My new jumper and beanie from

It is just past dinner time and already I’m agonising about to wear for my commute tomorrow. This morning I chose my racing shoes, Rapha jeans and shirt, and my jumper and beanie from Culture Cycle, the later bedazzling those drivers on my way home tonight. I’m not sure why our descendants had to include such an oversupply of drivers in this particular model in which we reside. Perhaps to have fun with in first-person shooter games.
When I don’t feel I’ve received the attention I deserve for my knitwear and highly collectible Colnago from 1984 with new leather grip tape and pantogram chainrings, I ask colleagues and students to photograph me, on the pretence that I need a few photos for a blog post.

Seriously though, if you are not carefully honing a range of outfits with an equally formidable range of dream bikes, then seriously, you may as well hide your commute in a car. With Winter now upon us, it is time to take a look in the mirror, and just sharpen the pencil.


  1. Look out Burnie! Here I come.

  2. Luke says:

    Winter? If it gets dark after 4pm, that’s not winter. And if you can ride without gloves, that’s not winter (despite your admirable knitwear).

    • Steven says:

      Oh be fair. I took the gloves off for the photo. And compared to Sydney, Tasmania has been quite a shock.

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