The Future of Grocery Shopping

shopping with cargo bike
The Danes and the Dutch are too practical. Too Protestant! They leave their cargo bikes outside when they buy groceries, when they could be using them as shopping trollies. Supermarket chains, especially in the suburbs where the aisles are much wider, could be advertising themselves as places to ride through, without waking the baby, without double handling of groceries, without having to chain up outside or cover your saddle in case it rains. In the future grocery stores will chip all their items, so we can ride in, load up, and have the bill automatically deducted from our accounts as we ride out. For more great ideas, buy my book!
bakfiets shopping
Thanks to 2 students of mine, Ian and Matt, for taking these photos. And thanks to The Trevallyn Grocer for letting me in with my big clunkin’ box bike 🙂

Okay, I got trouble here guys

Okay, I got trouble here guys



  1. Jimm says:

    If they make them wide enough for Christiania bikes – – then you will likely get more converts to the idea! 🙂

    • Steven says:

      Funny you should mention Christiania bikes. I’m not a fan. They only work in pancake flat cities. Anywhere else, and you have to be Tarzan to keep them straight.

  2. Jimm says:

    “They only work in pancake flat cities. Anywhere else, and you have to be Tarzan to keep them straight.”
    I’m not a huge fan of them either (I think they are a bit too wide for some cycle roads), but this sounds more like an operator error, a poorly fit rider, or a badly maintained ride.
    Copenhagen (which is *not* actually flat – there are plenty of bridges to cross, quite a few hills outside the historic city center, and there is a noticeable grade from the water-front to the west side of the city, and let’s not forget the long climb up to the city zoo just a few kilometers south of the city-center) is filled with Christiana bikes, Nihola cargo bikes, the Dutch cargo bikes, drink cargobikes, portable crepe cargobikes, rickshaws, and just about everything in between on a daily basis and in any weather. Mothers, fathers, and delivery people seem to have no trouble getting around! 🙂

    • Steven says:

      Oh Jimm, you’re just rubbing it in that you’re all built like Tarzan 🙂 Thanks for the clarification. I must admit, on the uneven paths on this hill where I live, I’m glad I bought a bakfiets instead.

  3. Jimm says:

    Agreed! The backfiets 2-wheeled cargo bike is a great vehicle. I’d prefer it over a cargo trike any time I need to move large cargo. A friend of mine, who was the local Brompton folding cycle dealer, used to carry 3 Bromptons in front and 1 on the back rack when doing his delivery rounds to the bike shops he dealt with, And he was a regular winner in the local cargobike racing championships on his Bakfiets.
    That said, a cargo trike is great for carting kids around safely without the worry of falling over on slippery ground.

    • Steven says:

      Natty indeed! I wonder if someone can think of a slightly more catchy name. Then the styling might need some work. Great concept though.

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