Greenways, property prices and legal abortion.

Here’s a curious factoid. American studies into the impact of urban parks on neighbouring property prices showed negative impacts in the seventies, and positive impacts nowadays. In the seventies, parks (including linear parks, aka “greenways”) gave burglars surreptitious access to private property and were no-go zones after dark. With the fall in crime—that Freakonomics controversially links to the legalisation of abortion one generation ago—American greenways have become routes for commuting home from the office, both day and night.
I have moved from New South Wales where abortion has been legal for decades, and where greenways increase property prices, to Tasmania, where the legal status of abortion was sketchy before 2001, and where off-road bike routes are viewed with suspicion; no wonder, with accidents like this one, caused by the kinds of illegally motorised bikes that tear up the bike paths over there on the wrong side of town.
Petrol motors on bikes? Burglars jumping back fences? Muggers waiting in shadows? Tasmania has decades to wait now, for those unwanted souls born before 2001 to grow too emphysemic to venture out and cause trouble.
Hey, I just bring you the facts!

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