Indulging my bike love

I enjoyed a rare perk of bike blogging recently. I found the cheapest retailer of Brooks leather bar tape in Germany, paid, waited two weeks, then discovered thieves are in the system somewhere between Grafschaft and Launceston. One of two pairs of bar tape I had ordered were missing, evidently stolen from a hole in the side of the parcel. Oh what scoundrels! So neatly had the thief patched up this hole, that I accepted the package no questions, and would have been left with the loss, were it not for the retailer’s response:
Dear Steven Fleming,
thanks for your cooperation. Actually the stock was right but I will send you a new pair. It costs us around 60 $ to send it but I trust you and due to the fact that you are a new customer and I like your blog I just send you a new pair.
Best regards,

H&S Bike-Discount GmbH
Christian Schmidt
Thanks to you Christian Schmidt, Dr. Behooving can show some love to two bikes, not one. Until the second pair arrives in the post, here is what some new bar tape has done for my old Colnago. The blue tire tells you it normally lives inside, attached to my trainer. Looking at it outside in the country, I feel the old boy deserves a few Sundays out at the races. Last time I raced it, I earned a place, against all new carbon framed monsters. Indeed that was very rewarding.


  1. Hamish says:

    Yummy yummy yummy.

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