From nai010 Publishers in Rotterdam:
> How the bicycle can save the city
> The first book to view the city through the lens of the bicycle
> With portraits of eight major cities and their cycling cultures
> Successfully crowdfunded book
In Cycle Space, architecture professor and cycling enthusiast Steven Fleming argues that understanding why people are choosing bikes is key for discovering the full potential of the bicycle as a transformative force in the design of our cities. With portraits of major cities and their cycling cultures, Cycle Space is the first book to view the city through the lens of the bicycle, and offers a new way of creating better cities.
Cycling is more than just an alternative. It’s practical. It’s cool. It’s green. Cycling can help reducing emissions, commute times, ill-health and sprawl. For some people their bicycle is a fashion statement, for others it’s a way of life. Cycle space is where architecture and urban design can begin to optimise conditions for cycling, and take inspiration from the aesthetics and ethics of cycling as well.
Featuring portraits of: Amsterdam – Chicago – Copenhagen – New York – Portland, Oregon – Paris – Singapore – Sydney
Cycle Space: Architecture and Urban Design Principles in the Age of the Bicycle.
English edition ISBN 978-94-6208-004-1

Paperback | 176 p | 17 x 24 cm | Illustrated (150+ colour) | Design: 75B
nai010 publishers in association with the University of Tasmania, Australia, and made possible through generous support from the Netherlands Architecture Fund, Gazelle Bicycles Australia and many crowdfunders.
Book Launches
12 October – The Australian Book Launch at the School of Architecture and Design at The University of Tasmania. 
17 October – Speaker at Singapore Archifest
18 October – National University of Singapore
21 October – Bike forum as part of Singapore Archifest
22 November – Urban Bike Night at the NAi, Rotterdam. Both Steven Fleming and Stefan Bendiks will show provocative cycle space design examples from over the whole world and will discuss. With a Bike Market and Night Bike Tours in Rotterdam with Steven and Stefan in association with ArchiGuides.
And more to come!
About Steven Fleming
Steven Fleming is a senior lecturer at the School of Architecture & Design at the University of Tasmania, where he teaches architectural history, theory and design. In the past he has also taught at the University of Newcastle in Australia, led study tours around Europe and been a visiting scholar of art philosophy at Columbia University in New York. On bike planning issues, Steven Fleming gives guidance to local governments, facilities managers, architects and bike festival planners. He has organized rides and events to celebrate all aspects of cycling, worked as a rider of bicycle rickshaws, been captain of his local bike racing club and competed in over 1,000 amateur bike races.
Press information
For more information or to request a review copy please contact Esmeralda Eggen, pr/marketing nai010 publishers, +31 (0)10 201 0132, or
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  1. Lukas Junker says:

    I can’t see a book launch in Australias future premier bicycle city, Newcastle*, on the program? Is this in the ‘more to come’ section? Or is Newcastle really just not on the map anymore, once you have book-launch bookings in Singapore and Rotterdam?
    (*According to some promoters of the inaugural, highly succesful Newcastle bikefest. Who am I to argue? And: surely Launceston was mostly chosen for convenience, and not because it would seriously want to compete with Newcastle for this (future) highly prestigious title…)

    • Steven says:

      But Lukas, you might the only person in Newcastle who would come hear me speak. Better we do it at the pub when I’m next up there 🙂

  2. Roberto says:

    I’d come and listen and drink the complimentary drinks and sandwiches! I could bring some people … Hamish, Gusto and other would be sure to turn up!?!

    • Steven says:

      Well I’m learning its not the size of the audience, but the quality. If we could could you, gusto, Hamish and Lukas, the things we could do!!! 🙂

  3. Lukas Junker says:

    I am happy to have the Newcastle book launch at the pub! Is there a pub here with enough bike stands/telegraph-poles out the front to cope with such an event? In fact, has anyone ever established Newcastle’s most bike friendly pub, taking into account infrastructure, location and drinks menu?
    I for one need some light on my number lock, especially after a few beers. I vaguely recall that it can take longer to open my lock in the dark, then to ride home afterwards. Which is where location comes into it: near the foreshore bikepath is good.

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