Let me guess: your bike is only a toy.

Here is a telling info graphic, that I just found via the Australian Bicycle Council. Australians buy a million bikes every year, but don’t ask their government to spend equal on bike lanes. Instead we spend our money on bicycle racks for our cars. Evidently most Australians are buying bikes to use as toys on the weekend, but not to make use of for transport.


  1. Les Dollard says:

    Is this chart comparing the number of cars IMPORTED into Australia, missing all the cars MADE in Australia ( heaps of Ford and Holden). Comparing that with the number of bikes imported into Australia ( nearly all of them ? ) As it is based on customs figures.

  2. Lucy says:

    It could also be that bike-hoarders like yourself, who keep a stock of around 9 bikes per person per household, distort the statistics: so there would be 1 bike per roughly 4 years used for transport, 1 bike per 4 years for sport, leaving plenty of space for a toy or two, which obviously also creates some interesting Architectural challenges in areas not equipped with the iconic rural Australian tin shed, as I believe you are well aware?

    • Steven says:

      “Bicycle hoarder!” I beg your pardon madam. You make it sound like some kind of mental condition. My aim is merely to gain more status and joy from bicycle ownership than I might do by owning a luxury car. I refer you to my very first blog post: https://cycle-space.com/?p=5844 You will note I have only increased my ideal number of bikes by 1, since 1999, when this all started.

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