Bikes have feelings, like you or I

Where are the Freudian psychologists when they are actually needed? The world is in the grip of bicycling hysteria, largely driven by repressed sexual urges, and the Freudians are leaving it to me to conduct the analysis. In the past it has fallen to me, for example, to examine the erect seat pole of Norman Foster’s Moulton, to ask how the mere addition one piece of tubing makes a priest bike more manly than a mixtie, and to provide this epic round up of bicycling media that can steal a man’s mojo.
Today these photos are trending on Twitter, of singer Taylor Swift cycling in Paris for a film clip she is currently making. It falls to me to point out how the producers have angled her bicycle headlight. Astute perusers of the full set of photos, being retweeted by male bike advocates everywhere, will have noticed too how the front tire deflates as the day lingers. We sense this bike knows it is being taken for a ride, as you have as well. I’m terribly sorry. Thanks for reading. And thank you miss Swift, for reminding us of the latent sexuality of this unique vehicle that many of us, these days, take between our legs when we travel the city.

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