Are you a bicycling anarchist?

Answer yes or no to the following:
Do you like this invention?
Have you ever sang this song for self motivation while riding?
Do you interpret laws to suit yourself, as doth Dr. Behooving?
Do you share this kid’s weltanschauung?

Assuming you answered yes to all four, then I have some sobering news. You don’t ride because you care for the planet, or wish to leave the road less congested, or want to be less of a burden on the public health system. You can relax in the knowledge that you’re not a good person. You’re a narcissistic, anarchistic, hedonistic, bicycalistic nutter like me. (Just shoring up free space to blog in).

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  1. Luke says:

    How about this for a motivational song/video (may have originally come from you)

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