I think I deserve a really wild bike

There’s just one more bike I need to add to my quiver. Something with nuclear wow factor. Something drowning in design world cache. Something you can’t get at the shops, or even online. Something that will mark me as the world’s leading architectural theorist of the bicycling age. I mean, for all this f#*@ing time I spend blogging, and tweeting, and writing books, and trying to get the world to do Bike Hour, I think I deserve it. The only question is: what bike could possibly fulfil those criteria?


  1. Paul says:

    Reminds me a little of the bike with boots on the end of large spokes:
    Although, at the risk of sounding sexist, I believe a lot more design effort has gone into ladies shoes so perhaps a more elegant version with shoes like these
    Although that might be more for Primrose Behooving. For the Doctor, you know what the answer is:
    (like that air-brake?)

    • Steven says:

      actually, that’s pretty cool. Not the male model. He’s a bit unsettling. How much extra wind drag over a rolling canoe? How much money? Where do you get em? They seem a little more practical… i.e.: it would be easier getting in and out.

  2. Paul says:

    Drag? doubt it’s been measured. Probably depends on the canoe. Not all velomobiels made the transition from scale-model-wind tunnel testing to full size, real-world slipperiness as well as the Quest.
    Money? As much as a velomobiel £3385 + £1200 for the Aero pack;
    Where? UK
    Less expensive two wheel’d alternative:
    €2,170 in ChroMo http://www.m5-ligfietsen.nl/uploads/Itemizer/popups/31.3.jpg
    or €4,270 full carbon: http://m5recumbents.com/uploads/Itemizer/popups/31.2.jpg
    Wild enough?

    • Steven says:

      2 wheels are nice but we’re straying from the clarity of mind that defines something like the sun rider, that I admit I’m still drawn to over the others. I got buckles though of getting one back from Holland. I might have to move there

  3. Paul says:

    Unless by “Rolling canoe” you meant this: http://www.autocanoe.com/images/At-Speed-cropped.jpg, in which case; a lot less;-)

    • Steven says:

      no. Although there is a genuine dug out canoe being auctioned here in Launceston next week. I’ll try to remember to get a photo. It would look great with discs cut from trees as the wheels

  4. Paul says:

    There is an undeniable purity of form in a good velomobiel. Don’t decide before you ride and certainly not based on photos or youtube video clips. Having owned one and ridden several my vote goes to the Quest, which is now available in a small version optimised for those of us who are not long in the leg. But note I haven’t ridden Trisled’s Australian offerings.
    This world rewards according to wealth not deserts. So it may be possible to get the velomobiel you deserve by selling advertising space on it. Matthias earned €264 per month with his velomobile, which would have paid it off in 2 years. Matthias sells a package of advice and materials if the information below isn’t enough for you to get your Velomobiel Advertising business planned, sold & implemented: http://www.velomobiel.nl/reclame/ (Allow Google to translate)

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