I hope I'm not a bike Nazi

Because of the way cyclists are persecuted, dangerously harassed by drivers using their cars as weapons, and demonised by mainstream media looking for anything “other” to attack for their readers’ amusement, cyclists are understandably quite angry with the regular drivers with whom they must share their cities. We want them out!

Here we are in the 1930s, urging our countrymen not to patronise car drivers’ stores. Ah, that’s not entirely correct. We’re looking at a photo of well meaning, hard working, bike riding, economically beleaguered young Germans, urging their countrymen not to patronise Jewish owned stores. It is better that humans, who all bleed the same, live in different quarters of the same city when their ideologies differ so greatly, that they threaten each other. Trying to change folk, or push them out, just leads to fights. Better that the drivers be left with parts of theirs cities for driving, if that’s what they want, while we congregate in bicycling quarters.

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