Bike Hour explained

In case you don’t know, Bike Hour is like earth hour, only more useful, and held every equinox day all over the world, between 6 and 7 pm (your time.) It’s not so much an organised ride, as a simple hour of observance, for people who want to protest the raw deal for this mode of transport (when in good faith we all bought the bike), but who don’t necessarily want to take off their clothes, or be a part of some mammoth ride. It floats on good will, a Facebook community page, and Facebook events pages via which people tell their friends they’ll be riding, share pictures and vids as many did last time in March, and maybe arrange meetups after each ride. That’s about it. There’s no office, nor should there ever be one. Earth Hour, the Kony campaign, and all the rest died thanks to people trying to own them. In preparation for the Sept 22 ride, there is a new twitter account, for anything newsworthy. And as always there are posters to download and use how you like.
How you enjoy Bike Hour is as individual as you are (unless you’re not individual… which is your choice entirely). You might like to spend Bike Hour: 1. Bicycle jousting with friends and a few beers; 2. going behind enemy lines; 3. chasing foxes; 4, defying laws about indecent exposure; 5. treating it as some kind of race; or 6, making cycling safer for all of us, by increasing our visual presence!

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