Bring back the boater for biking

Thank you Gusto for that inspiring photo, with such wonderful hats! Also from the 1800s, and our own city, comes this early photo of the start of a bicycle scratch race. Please pay special attention to what many are wearing on their olden-day heads:

Nothing has changed about Newcastle’s love affair with the bike race. This is a city of just half a million, with 3 road racing clubs, plus others I don’t even know details about, dedicated to mountain bike racing, track racing, and BMX. Oh yes, the racing tradition is sound. It is the lack of respect for traditional cycling attire, that I lament. Not a one of my club mates at Koorangang Open Cycling Club still wears a boater! I, on the other hand (having bought one this week in Passage Vivienne in Gay Paree), do wear a boater when I am biking, and will do hence forth and forever and thusward into the future. Without my beloved new boater, the dappled light between trees here in France (you know, how Seurat used to paint it), might freckle my nose. And that would not do!
You may also have gathered from the photo Gusto gave us in the previous blog post, that boaters were the uniform of sports cycling long before merino cross jerseys, leather hairnets, or even big mows. They make you feel like leaping around in French country gardens. So, gentlemen, may I implore you!


  1. Roberto says:

    Does not a boater come off one’s head when travelling at any sort of reasonable velocity???

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