Pet Peeves

This time every year, professional duties send me to Europe, and people start asking if I will be “catching part of le tour“. For the record, I have no interest in any bike race that refuses to accept my $10 entry fee on the day. If you look on the tour de france website, you may notice there is not even a section to enter online. What does my $200 annual UCI licence fee gain me, if not the right to enter a UCI race? It is for this reason I stopped watching the rubbish back when Robbie McEwan and Stewart O’Grady were rookies. Did they ever stick with it?

all professional cycling is good for, are nice photos of roads

And while I’m complaining, there is no place on god’s earth for these pillocks who will tell you how great an old bike is, because it has never been ridden in the rain. I would rather hear the rider has never stood under a shower.
I admit, I am poorly today, with a head cold that is making me cranky. My son is sick too, and is sitting downstairs watching advertisements for funeral plans, pitched at viewers of day time TV who must all just be waiting to die. I’ll be on a plane to Europe before this head cold has cleared. So yes, I am cranky! Sugino cranky—if you must have a bike pun.
I am cranky with my local newspaper for running one of those “motorists at war with bike riders” stories. Well here’s a war story: cyclists at war with newspaper reporters. I feel sorry for Josh Stephenson and want to say, “Josh, don’t sweat it mate, we all make mistakes.” My comments were screened by the newspaper, and they have disabled comments on their youtube clip. Add the traditional media to my list of pet peeves.

But next Monday I’ll be in Singapore meeting the guys behind that city’s fledgeling bike-share. By the time I’m having meetings in Holland next Thursday and Friday I’m sure I’ll feel fine. Then it’s 3 weeks in France and Spain leading an architectural history study tour that I lead every year. When it comes to buildings and bikes, there is no limit to my idolatry.


  1. Luke says:

    Steven, in your crankiness, you miss a benefit of pro bike racing – watching highlights of the Tour or the Giro is a great way to get ideas for holiday destinations (or holiday homes when we had money).

    • Steven says:

      Yes and cravings for gelato. But in my experience cycling in Italy can be a bit hazardous. I guess driving and riding mopeds is too. In fact just standing still is a risk around Naples. It’s a great place to go and get fat.

  2. Luke says:

    Ah, Naples. You know what they say – in Milan a red light is an order, in Rome it’s a suggestion, in Naples it’s decoration.

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