Women's daily riding pants by Outlier

A quick post for the ladies, and admirers of ladies. Through the wonders of internet shopping my Primrose took possession today of her new Outlier slacks. Made in New York, they are, by actual first-world New Yorkers. A likely story! But let us not allow my own skepticism to spoil the fun of a first ride in some overpriced duds, that I must say, fit my darling wife’s bum muscles like items I really should ride more, well at least as much as my Lynskey. Would this saddle and its anatomical slice be worth going back a grade for? Oh, I’m spoilt, aren’t I!
So we take said strides for a coffee today over at Dark Horse in Wickham where the coffee is everything you would hope for in such a low rent location (awesome!) and showed off the pants and the tight bum to the proprietor there who loiters about waiting for her edgy street to be discovered for use in a film, whereupon she’ll score a gig as an extra. All the while I snapped objectifying and exploitative shots of my primrose, that I have cropped into sections of purulent interest to my less honourable readers. Enough!


  1. Vicki says:

    They look wonderful! Can Primrose do a review of them please? I’d be interested to know a bit more regarding sizing and how they work as biking wear, from the female perspective, that is ….

    • Steven says:

      She used Outlier’s website as a guide, and it works as they described, with an inch spare in the waist for movement. They sit an inch below her belly button, meaning she can learn forward with no plumber’s crack. Her tight buns mean they are a little loose on the hip measurement front. The stretchy material though means you should aim for the smaller size if you are in doubt. All sizes are long in the leg, meaning squat lassies will need to take up a hem. Very comfy, she is reporting, due to the stretch. Around the house, she doesn’t feel them at all. She hasn’t been rained on yet, so can’t comment, except to say that water does bead when tested near to the sink. Apparently you’re meant to cool iron or tumble dry them, to keep up the shower resistance. She’s not so confident they will act anything like rain pants, but can feel they will at least be quick dry. Now, before she starts banging on with reports on all the pants she’s ever owned, I’m retiring now as her scribe and minute taker.
      Woops, too late, she says they will look nice on her road bike with her Rapha rain jacket, and she’s obviously happy with the look while sit-up cycling.

  2. Vicki says:

    My thanks to Primrose, this is very helpful.

  3. Luke says:

    I have a dilemma. I have a contractual obligation to provide pretentious classical allusions, but fear I may be overstepping here. I shall sub-contract to Steven the question of whether to post this (or remove if you get hits from odd quarters).
    Ever think there ought to be a word for something? Well, there usually is, and here, as so often, the Greeks gave it to us. The word towards which you are sub-consciously groping, Steven (and I choose that word carefully) is “callipygous.” (I admit I did not learn it through classical studies – Yossarian’s girlfriend in Catch 22 is described – tautologously perhaps – as having a callipygous ass.)
    The Greeks perhaps Took Things Too Far by having a cult devoted to Venus Callipyge, complete with statues (google it yourself).
    I do worry what you, let alone colville anderson, will do with this information.

    • Steven says:

      Before approving comments I always do some fact checking. In this case I typed callipyge in to google image search, with safe searching turned off. I approve

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