Buildings that speak to the bike riding viewer

A pedestrian stands at a right angle to the horizon. Someone on a bike is constantly leaning. It would seem more fitting, to my mind, if a building located in some place where more people would […]

Bike Hour has its first sponsor

Introducing the Mike (Situp-Cycle) Rubbo prize for the best Bike Hour video uploaded to the web after bike-hour. Mike will be donating one of his highly sought after bike-art works, to the value of $500, to […]

A DIY major bike project

A few of us here in my city, would like to see our network of creeks (let’s face it, they’re drains), turned into a bike path, forming a big loop, that would gather up other bicycle […]

Where will you be during Bike Hour?

It’s like Earth Hour, only more useful. It’s like a critical mass ride, only effective. The world’s biggest, completely unorganised, mass cycling rally will happen wherever you are, on March 20, between 6 and 7 pm. […]

Shimano's bid to spoil gear hubs

Ahhhh, go away with your batteries Shimano. We buy bikes for more important trips than those we might make to the bike shop, to replace special batteries. We don’t want to hear the dream bike we […]