I'm being made over

I have agreed to act as a real-world client for a group of graphic design students who I will go to meet briefly tomorrow morning. Their job will be to polish me up, make me over, […]

The Dr. Behooving Awareness and Rebirthing Institute

I had thought of squandering some more of my vast wealth opening a wellness centre, but then I thought, you know, wellness is old now. So I have opened this awareness centre instead. Rich folk come […]

What will you be riding/wearing for Bike Hour?

I was going to wait until Bike Hour (March 20, 6-7pm) to unveil my latest bike project, because it is not yet complete. How can I resist though! After Bike Hour, I plan to use it […]

Bike Hour v Kony 2012

Michael Newton is a graphic designer who reads this blog. He read this post, where I first introduced the rationale for a World Bike Hour, and designed the poster that has since amused thousands of people. […]

My other bike is a bike

Rain, the lateness of the hour, and the way a few drinks can make you lazy and sociable, saw me accepting a car lift home from an exhibition opening/lecture last night. Rather than retrieving my bike […]