How I spent Bike Hour

I have no reason to believe the world’s first Bike Hour, this equinox Tuesday, will not play out similarly throughout the world, to the way it just did where I live. People were riding about the […]

Why Bike Hour?

We have ride to work days, ride to school days, critical mass rides, world naked bike rides, so why now do we need Bike Hour? It is because the rides I have mentioned have failed to […]

Mine is part of an English discussion

If google analytics is a magnifying mirror, then the dots on the image below are my ageing skin pores. But like my magnifying mirror, that I’m always misplacing, I’m delighted to tell you that google’s reflected […]

the official bike hour t-shirt

Though most observers of Bike Hour are fiercely independent, there are those among you who would understandably rather be a part of things that are organised, and “official”, who would naturally be tempted to pay twenty […]

Open invitation to talk about post-graduate studies

Let us dispense with pretence. I am an academic, researching nexuses between cycling, architecture and urban design. I have a list of research questions it would take me ten lifetimes to answer, because there are so […]