"Just do it, and apologise later"

A former boss of mine used to say that. “Just do it, and apologise later.” We got so much achieved. He was of the generation who looked to Archigram for their inspiration; Archigram who had the marvellous idea […]

Humane traffic management on country roads

On narrow country roads throughout the Netherlands, the needs of cyclists come before those of drivers. Cycling southward from Amsterdam to Rotterdam last year, I was shocked to realise much of the marked bike route I […]

a quick angry post about ride to school day

This won’t be a well written post. I’m too pissed off with my state’s police. Today was ride to school day, and my 8 year old son has come home telling me the lessons they learned […]

If Rick Joy could pick a NAHBS winner…

Let me share a pet peeve. Architects are quick to point out the ecological damage wrought by urban sprawl, when it involves oversized houses built from standard plans in the suburbs. But you rarely hear architects […]

Announcing winners of the Best Bike Hour video prize(s)

Here is one last post about Bike Hour, before I return to core business (writing on cycling as it impacts architecture and urban design). It is to announce the Mike Rubbo award for the best Bike […]