"Just do it, and apologise later"

A former boss of mine used to say that. “Just do it, and apologise later.” We got so much achieved. He was of the generation who looked to Archigram for their inspiration; Archigram who had the marvellous idea of dropping excitement from blimps upon sleepy English towns while they slept, then whisking all of it away the next night.

Instant City: Archigram

Jason Roberts in Dallas Texas has been dropping temporary doses of life on barren city blocks in his city, where city life is effectively banned by planning ordinances dating back to the 1940s, when all anyone wanted were freeways and order. His genius method is to do it all with no approval. Overnight, bike racks appear, along with potted trees, outdoor benches, pop-up stalls, and I guess shit-loads of espresso. While progressives these days look for new signs of life than those Archigram were imagining, the spirit is roughly the same.
Watching Jason’s talk has gotten me thinking maybe I should organise a bike carnival and picnic in one of the storm water drains in my city, that I think should be turned into a park and a bike route. You can follow my tangent here, or else watch Jason’s TED talk below. Thanks to @SandaAhlen for tweeting this clip.

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