the official bike hour t-shirt

Though most observers of Bike Hour are fiercely independent, there are those among you who would understandably rather be a part of things that are organised, and “official”, who would naturally be tempted to pay twenty bucks for an “official” Bike Hour T-shirt. Like the location of Bike Hour, and whatever riding style you choose to adopt for Bike Hour, it is fitting the Bike Hour T-Shirt be something you make yourself.

Start with an old T-shirt. I have taken one with an Italian hill town picture that is fading. Turn it inside out and draw a big circle. Start drawing other lines until it looks like a Bike Hour T-Shirt. I hope that explains everything.
What might not be obvious, is Bike Hour is an idea, not an organisation with a head office, or anything to gain or to sell. It is more like an observance, like saying grace before dinner, facing Mecca, or humming an anthem.
If you like the idea of Bike Hour, don’t forget to like it on Facebook, where we share our lame photos and videos after the ride. This movement is spreading virally with a zero budget, thanks to people inviting others and spreading the word.


  1. What a fantastic idea! My husband just bought me my Giant bicycle, and we are ready to go! We also just recently purchased a Bed & Breakfast (Blackfork Inn) and are thus anxious for such activities. We would forsee us participating even with some of our guests. How much does the tee shirt cost?

    • Steven says:

      Ah, that particular T-Shirt? The “original” Bike Hour T-Shirt? Bike Hour being the event that will change the world! It might be part of my estate 😉

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