The Dr. Behooving Awareness and Rebirthing Institute

I had thought of squandering some more of my vast wealth opening a wellness centre, but then I thought, you know, wellness is old now. So I have opened this awareness centre instead.

Rich folk come and wear bath robes while I berate them. They get 16 hour lectures about their carbon footprints; working conditions where the bathrobes were made; the bleach in the bathrobes; the environmental impacts of the building they’re in; how I spend my own profits from their overpriced stays, etc etc etc..

Each retreat ends with an ear piecing rebirthing session, to prepare pupils for their final departure from the Dr. Behooving Awareness Centre, on bikes. I point them in the general direction of civilisation (just a day’s ride, for me) and wish them godspeed.

Okay, I’ll admit, this task I have set myself of redeeming remote architecture by somehow using bikes emblematically, hasn’t quite gelled yet. I’ll admit too, that the pictures you’re admiring aren’t of my awareness and rebirthing institute, but this thing I randomly saw on the web.

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