I'm being made over

I have agreed to act as a real-world client for a group of graphic design students who I will go to meet briefly tomorrow morning. Their job will be to polish me up, make me over, and send me off looking sharp, with improved, or maybe even completely new logos. One would represent cycle-space. My own attempt at a cycle space logo  appears over the scrolling images at the top of this page. I made it in Word. That’s why it’s so pixelly. My inspiration was the Biomega logo, that I see as being deliberately sterile, like an agar plate. Meaning lands on it like dust, and goes crazy. The city and its architecture is like that for cyclists. It’s a banal fact, but it becomes special for us, because of the delight we take as as we move through it on wheels.

My other logo, that my talented graphic designer friends might take a peak at, grew out of my attempt at designing a bicycle head badge, early last year. It has been developed as far as what you see above, with much help from my dear old friend the right honourable Hamish, who insisted the enterprise which I call “Behooving Moving” began in 1499, when as you know, The Hypnerotomachia Polophili first hit the bookshelves (I had been happy to say Behooving Moving started as late as 1896, when as you know, there was a bike craze.) This logo is more like an agar plate that has been left with a class full of school boys to load with germs while teacher has stepped out of the class. A week later, it is revealed their boogies, earwax, tonsil rocks and ones and twos were carrying everything from freemasonry to a mastery of trompelœil techniques in some of their past lives. If ever I found some means of procuring and bringing to the market any product at all, that would behoove a cyclist to own, I would sell it baring this logo. I’m not sure what that product might be. Perhaps the embrocation cream my dear Primrose makes just for me, from an all natural recipe with substances that are illegal to put on the shelves in Australia. Or it might be the uncompromising all-pourpose bike, I secretly draw, and would love to have made in large enough volumes to sell for a competitive price. Or it might be the range of urban bike clothing lurking in my sketchbooks, waiting for the day I meet someone of like mind, but who can sew.
Do leave a comment if you feel there is anything else my graphic design friends could benefit from knowing about me, or my unpolished image.


  1. Edward says:

    Mr Toad with wings, the large eye looking up slightly sullenly as if sighing, the crash helmet moon and the bicycle with weirdly large handlebars and small front wheel.
    There is potentially so much meaning in the head badge. Have you had it analysed?

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