What will you be riding/wearing for Bike Hour?

I was going to wait until Bike Hour (March 20, 6-7pm) to unveil my latest bike project, because it is not yet complete. How can I resist though! After Bike Hour, I plan to use it for a downhill land speed record attempt, hopefully in San Francisco. Do let me know if you think the outfit is not whacky-races enough for your liking—I wish Rapha sold capes! I know I have some work to do too with the paint job (needs to be chrome), tires (need to be cream), handlebars (need to be Lauterwasser), cranks, pedals and toe clips. Otherwise, I’m well on my way to having this path-racer style beauty ready for Bike Hour.

I see Bike Hour as a great opportunity for any of us who are so inclined, to express our inimitable style, and bug our parents. So tell us, what will you be riding/wearing for Bike Hour?


  1. Hemp Bike says:

    Dashing Tweeds if I can find a sponsor.

  2. tk says:

    As it’s after work, I’ll be on the commuting bike – mystery track frame stripped and repainted in a greying silver, found hanging abandoned in the back of “uncle’s” shop. Built up with a second hand black dura ace chainring / silver crankset, silver miche hubs, silver velocity aero rim on the front and B53 on the rear, white industries freewheel (unused…) on one side and eightinch cog on the other. nitto stem and drop bars (brown faux leather tape), IRO front brake (bolted on with a kieren jig) and of course honey B51 saddle.
    To wear, I shall sport my blue white red and white checked Nautica cotton / poly blend shorts; designed for sailors who want to stay comfortable in salty sea spray, I find they work just as well in reverse, when I am the one generating the salty spray (cue Chef). On top will be a pure cotton shirt, unbuttoned to the navel, sleeves rolled past the elbows, and my unlined flat brim cap (lets the air through) to keep the westerly sun out of the eyes on the outward leg, and to tip back at a jaunty angle on the homeward leg.
    After the ride I will indulge in a Tsingtao with ice at my local, or perhaps a London Pride, without.
    Steven you need to ditch those socks. Smell? Pooh pooh, get rid of the socks.

    • Steven says:

      A wonderful comment Tom (and who am I suggest it might be verbose). Other readers, Tom is genius, you don’t have to so much wisdom to impart, for your comment to be of general interest.
      As to the socks, you swine, you spotted the one thing I added carelessly. I will be wearing socks though, merino ones. Do you have occassion to wear much merino, in Singapore?

  3. tk says:

    Oh I rather think it becomes an academic to be a little verbose now and then don’t you? Especially if it avoids having to luncheon with the office nag.
    God can only hope you’re not as abstemious with your red wine supply as you are with your comment space.

    • Steven says:

      Having been away, you might not know, the government gave incentives to tree changers to make a wine glut in Australia. It became such wonderful value, we all turned to beer.

  4. Sacred Vow says:

    Isn’t the color of that shirt and hat far more suitable for a woman?
    I guess cultural norms are different all over the world.
    Wear that over here and they’d think you’re a poof

    • Steven says:

      Regular readers know I usually delete comments that don’t make a meaningful contribution to bicycling discourse.

  5. Lukas says:

    I assume the merino socks come in pink? The comment above makes me consider wearing pink on the day just for the hell of it. My wife loves it when I wear pink. I have a pair of pink corduroy pants that go quite well with just about anything, except possibly with my bike. But then I don’t think there is anything that really looks very good with my bike…
    I was considering buying a new one, but according to your calculator that I found somewhere on your blog, I will have to ride this one for a few more thousand kilometres before I can justify this, which, at the commuting distance I have to overcome, will take me years. I instead put some mudguards on my old one for the occasional rainy day and count my blessings that I am already happily married and my kids are too young to notice that the bike looks shit!
    At least I am not worried when I forget the lock, although I have noticed that for vehicle thiefs the modal share must be quite the same as it is for commuters. I don’t think you really need to bother locking a bike in Newy. Or, my bike looks that bad that not even an opportunistic low life wants to be seen with it.

    • Steven says:

      The situation, I think, is that in large cycling cities thieves have places to sell stolen bikes on the black market. Here, it’s low life types stealing bikes to ride themselves, which means bike thieves are less sophisticated. I write fairly confident that Sydney thieves don’t read this, and arrange raids in their trucks armed with bolt cutters– though anything is possible.
      Touch wood, I’ve never had a bike nicked, and run heavy chains to structural elements, even inside my house.
      Perhaps Bike Hour will evolve to make a big deal out of pink, or some other colour, but then my personal view is it should not be conformist.

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