Shimano's bid to spoil gear hubs

Ahhhh, go away with your batteries Shimano. We buy bikes for more important trips than those we might make to the bike shop, to replace special batteries. We don’t want to hear the dream bike we buy this year, with your battery change gear hub, is useless 5 years from now, because you’re no longer selling that type of battery. I don’t care if it’s rechargeable, long life, harmless to landfill, cheaper on eBay. I just want to know it’s been shoved up all your executives’ nose holes, and can’t be dislodged. Pardon my uncharacteristic loss of composure, but cycling is my refuge from manufacturers’ schemes. This really has made me exceedingly cross.

Which are worse, gear cables, or battery indicators that drop with each gear change?

I don’t need to hear either, that gear cables are messy and unreliable. I couldn’t tell you, on any of my bikes, which cables do gears and which ones do brakes, for the simple reason, that none of my cables are so messy or unreliable that I look at them more than once or twice in a year. Meanwhile, I would be watching that battery indicator every day. Shimano, you are such tossers.

Hmm, another expensive battery replacement

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  1. Dave says:

    What if it took AA batteries? (Although in reality, it uses the same type of batteries that are in a mobile phone, so not really that uncommon – any third party could potentially sell you one)
    I’m not sure I’d buy an electric hub personally, unless I could power it with my dynamo, but to be fair most people are happy enough to charge loads of batteries for their front and back lights, mobile, headcam (maybe), and so on and so forth.

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