A new agenda: cycling made safe in the countryside

I have been thinking I might buy a farm. I wouldn’t be the first cyclist to go live in the pastures where they like to ride, in escape of the city. And pastural land can be so lovely, and usually safe, to ride around. The only thing that makes it unsafe, is the speed cars are permitted to travel on narrow, winding roads in the countryside.

As far as I can ascertain, it isn’t farmers wanting to speed on those roads. It is people commuting to town, treating the countryside as hyper-sububia. The rural economy might be enhanced, actually, if speed limits were brought nearer to the speed of a tractor, than that of someone commuting from the country to the city each morning.

I would like to see the countryside made safe for cyclists and actual farmers. Rem Koolhaas got me thinking this way, with his recent statements about turning his own attention from the city, and onto the country. Advertisements for Rapha brand clothing (decorating this post) have gotten me thinking this way.

The Tour-de-France turns my mind to the farmlands every year when it keeps me awake, to see it on telly. The fact that I spend some work days in my pyjamas, just writing, has gotten me thinking maybe I would like to be out there somewhere. The virtual farmlands I cycle around on my Tacx VR indoor trainer, inside my home in the city, has me romanticizing¬†about the country as well. It’s a mysterious place I know nothing of, except as someplace to consume as a recreational/sportive cyclist. Well wouldn’t it better, if the excess houses out there were used to indulge people like me, than ugly old car commuters?
I’ll leave you with a photo from a collection of photos on facebook, I’m sure Rapha go to for half of their inspiration.

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  1. Luke says:

    Have Rapha never given you free sample, a reduction, nothing? Ungrateful gits.

  2. tk says:

    feeling ignored? get some gnarly facial hair like that first bloke’s mo, or even the full beard as per the last bloke, (and as i am currently wearing). no lovely lady will be able to pass you by in the street without having a second glance – at a minimum – and more likely a third. rapha might even start to rate you too.

  3. Lukas says:

    The roos will also thanik you for being on a bike and not in Hilux when they jump out in front of you. Can you get bull bars for a pushy? After all you are planning to travel at about 50 km/h?

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