The allure of the porteur

Okay, so you have seen a Trek Belleville, or some similar cheap mass market knock-off of a classic french porteur. What you do next, says a lot about the kind of person you are. Paying on the spot and leaving the shop with a bike hastily welded in China, tells us you have no impulse control. I don’t know anyone quite so daft, but Trek and I know you exist.
Last week, a friend sent me links to some other mass market porteurs (every brand sells one), and I told him, “Hmm, so you’re having your porteur phase.”

He has since bought 4 bikes from ebay in France (including the one pictured above), and has priced a trip around that country with an old van, collecting dozens to bring back to Australia. He is of the personality type Jung called Tasmanian Devilesk; one idea in their head is enough to turn them into a twister.
For another type of person, the level of their curiosity needs to be matched, in dollar terms, to achieve satiation. Let me save you some time searching the web, and send you straight to Vanguard Cycles in Singapore, who source collectible bikes, and restore them beyond perfection. Prices on application.
Family men, such as myself, must content themselves with projects they can put together from pieces they already have laying around, plus a few bare essentials from velo-orange. I’ll post the pics when I’m done. If you feel like leaving a comment, you might link to your own porteur project, or wet dream. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

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