the complete woman cyclist

Men admire women on omafiets (grandma bikes), as they admire women in very high heels, or indeed, girls with bound feet. There is something alluring about a woman who is bound to tradition, bound to go slow, and thus bound to be dependent upon you. Yeah, if that’s what you’re into!
Give me a woman who can wear heels the way I wear a suit, and ride a grandma bike, the way I ride a grandpa bike, that is: just for effect. Cycling can be more than that though, for women, as it can be for men. I’ve spent a fair bit of time surfing, and think cycling is its terrestrial cousin. The ocean rolls and swirls you about, where the land is rock solid. Paddle strokes can feel powerful, or as though they have no effect, and I never really know why. Pedal strokes, by contrast, do as expected. Whoever is in charge of Rapha’s marketing, really have cottoned onto the allure of the land, as something we enjoy devouring on bikes—and not just us hairy dudes. (As with all Rapha Films, maximise the window. And no, they still don’t pay me for all of these plugs I keep giving them!)


  1. kfg says:

    I’m into women with sensible shoes. If she can repack loose balls that’s good for bonus points.

    • Steven says:

      you would be intimately familiar then, with

    • kfg says:

      No, but I have been intimately familiar with women with sensible shoes. Out of respect I shall refrain from going into their ball packing abilities.

  2. Steven says:

    on the very same day I wrote this blog entry, rapha uploaded a new clip to youtube:

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