As the emphasis shifts to small cities, cycling will be a whore

A tip for young travellers: prefer cities of less than 500,000 inhabitants. Better still: cities with no more than one night club. Cities that spoil with choice, have everyone constantly looking for livelier hunting grounds, existing […]

Death-by-dooring rider's own fault: according to "expert" cyclist.

How does one become an expert witness in cases involving the death of a cyclist? Moreover, how does someone from Bicycling Victoria (the self-proclaimed peak body that has been rivaling America’s infamous league of wheelmen with […]

bakfiets, racing bikes, and my sense of self-worth

Between competitive cycling and bicycle transport we can draw a connection, not by necessity, and not for everyone who turns a crank, but for the edification of a great many cyclists regardless. A friend of mine, […]

Jokes about cyclists and rape

Most drivers are considerate of cyclists’ lives, most of the time. Many though, are too craving of social interaction to resist using their phones while they drive. Others are radicalised anti bike-riding crusaders, who have taken […]

Velorbis Churchill Classic, for sale to fine home

I am alive to the idea of selling my Velorbis Churchill Classic, with both leather and standard coat guards. AUD$1200 seems like a gentlemanly price, with the buyer to arrange shipping. The forks and rear rack […]