Captain Feel Good

It is no mean feat, enjoying your bicycle transport in cities where cycling isn’t yet very well catered for. Thankfully, cycling has been my primary mode all of my life—except for ’86 and ’87 when I […]

The long-board in my quiver of bikes

This bakfiets is a revelation to ride, like switching from short boards to long boards. You find yourself using momentum, planning long arcs, and leaving it to others to get out of your way; riding it […]

Where there are bikes, there are big budgets

A perennial whine from architects in developed nations, is that no major funding is around for development. The reason aught to be obvious. The shift to the city was made decades ago, by their grandparents, so […]

Following up on earlier post about death-by-dooring in Melbourne

Via twitter and email, I’m being asked to point to the line in the coroner’s report, where Garry Brennan of The Bicycle Network, blames the cyclist, James Cross, for his own death by dooring. Look on […]

confessions of an unbalanced bike tragic

Though I admire their earthy resolve, I am not one of these A to B users of bikes. I’m a bike tragic; certified, diagnosed and dosed up on meds. Under orders from Primrose not to spend […]