I support plain clothes cycling, truly I do.

Look it’s all very well dishing lycra, and saying those bicycle store dooshbags are milking customers unnecessarily when they try to sell clothes with each bike, but when cycling is so much a part of your […]

Why mourn loss of car industry, when we can't even make our own bikes?

My government subsidises car manufacturing, here in Australia. If ever we are “isolated” (that is, too poor to buy cars from overseas), at least we will have the skills here, to build our own piece of […]

Contamination: seeing is believing

Monopoly boards should have gasworks for sale. They would be cheap to buy, and earn fabulous fines from other players, but next time the family took out their set for game, they would find the whole […]

Should cyclists pay road tax?

Yes, conditional on taxes on driving, rising proportionally. There in Hypothetical City, drivers were paying road taxes to the tune of $100 per year. It was decided bike riders should pay the same. But when it […]

Qualified to debunk vehicular cycling

Let me tell you, just how mightily qualified I do be, to debunk the principle of vehicular cycling. I borrowed the doctrine’s Good Book, Effective Cycling, from my local library in 1993, back when I had […]