Roundup of cycling as represented on design websites

Dutch to build mountain for more interesting cycling

When you don’t have an original idea to espouse, or a burning issue to get off your chest, and when you’re kinda worn out from work, there’s always cool hunting. For me it’s as simple as typing “bike” into the search boxes of major design sites. On this occasion, I find the following:

cool Hong Kong bike shop

ride-through buildings in Holland

Architects Eureka in Hong Kong have taken the old pin-impression idea, and used it to make a flexible bike shop display. Cyclists will still be able to ride through the New Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, when Cruz & Ortiz Architects are finished with their big makeover. Dutch architects and engineers have been brainstorming ways to give their country a mountain, so that bored cyclists can have some big hills. A few piss-ant bike racks have helped greenwash a low scale development at Surfers-Paradice. I’ve seen a few tweets this past week about the latest so-called “bike-superhighway”, this one linking Malmo to Lund. And finally, in Chicago, where a recent sell-off of all on-street car parking spaces should, theoretically, have prevented this from ever happening, at least one protected bike lane is now a reality. I really thought Chicago would be waiting for the last of the world’s oil to dry up, but there you go!
I’m lucky that readers and friends tip me off about new projects with bikes. Should you ever feel tempted to join them, me email is steven, at this domain name.

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