Captain Feel Good

It is no mean feat, enjoying your bicycle transport in cities where cycling isn’t yet very well catered for. Thankfully, cycling has been my primary mode all of my life—except for ’86 and ’87 when I had a car, then ’88-’89, when I rode a motorbike. I’ve never had a long enough period off of the bike, to lose my bike sense, and that way allow cycling to stop being as much fun as it was when I was kid popping wheelies. Touch wood, I haven’t been hit, or hit anything else, ever, at all (I know one should never boast about something like that). Patience, good humour, mindfulness of drivers’ impatience, good vibes for pedestrians, knowing where my brakes are, and a preparedness to kick someone’s car door as retribution: enjoying ones cycling requires mental balance.
I stumbled on Tom Keeble‘s handlebar-cam videos a few months ago, and saw parts of Singapore I’m vaguely familiar with, from the cockpit of someone who rides the way I do. I saw someone I would enjoying going out for a ride with, as I enjoy going for rides with my son, my Primrose, or any other experienced cyclist who shares my politics, sense of wonder, risk aversion, good looks, capacity to rip car keys out of ignitions and throw them, and even temper. You can tell a lot about a man, from his handlebar footage.
Yes, here is a guy who bought his handlebar camera mount, to show the world he is a winner. He is showing you how you can experience buildings and jungle, in a city where many waste their lives in traffic or trains, and underground malls. Contrast Tom’s motives with those of cyclists who ride about with cameras on their heads, chasing evidence that they are hard done by.
It is one thing to fight when you must, but quite another, to fish for fights. You feisty guys: think of the kinds of women who you attract. Yes, the kind who like fighting, and are left with no one to pick on but you. Tom though, he has a beooodiful wife, and a new baby, and an awareness, I sense, of that old Chinese proverb: the rat who gnaw at the cat tail, invite destruction.


  1. Judging by number of page views and retweets, people prefer “reality” videos of rats gnawing on cats, and whining about the cats’ responses, much more than someone moving through an urban environment under their own power with grace and skill.

    • Steven says:

      I’m just glad so many of these over conscientious types have chosen to be cyclists. Imagine what they would be like, if they drove cars: no give and take. One in ten of his clips would be worth showing to cops, but they’re discredited by his overall vexatiousness. Perhaps if the camera ran all the time, and the rider could forget it was there, and stop seeking footage.

  2. tk says:

    heh thanks for the kind words.
    i must admit i had to kick a door AND thump a roof though yesterday. taxi uncle waved his hand though in apology and all was right with the world again. no key ripping here though – everyone has the aircon blasting and is deathly afraid to even crack their windows when you tap on the glass and do the downward point, lest the crazy angmoh smash their teeth in.

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