Jokes about cyclists and rape

Most drivers are considerate of cyclists’ lives, most of the time. Many though, are too craving of social interaction to resist using their phones while they drive. Others are radicalised anti bike-riding crusaders, who have taken anti-lycra jokes made by 99% of the population, twisted them, and given themselves a licence to kill. A close friend in bike racing, who helped teach me the ropes, was deliberately ran down and killed by a driver in 1994—the pea-brain thought it was funny. I was devastated, naturally, and like many people stopped riding along the road where it happened. Then yesterday, a cyclist was murdered in the North of my state. He was returning home after rescuing people from a boat accident.

God I hate being a prude, but promoting everyday cycling, by directing jokes toward sports cycling, is about as helpful right now as jokes about rape. In a quiet room, an off-colour joke, if it is clever enough, can make anyone laugh (anyone who hasn’t been raped), as can a joke about MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra). But in public fora, jokes like these risk inciting maniacs to crimes, which is why civilised people don’t wear them on T-shirts. Don’t throw them out! Keep them for bed—you know, wiping up spillage.


  1. I get so depressed when transportation cyclists and roadies disparage or disrespect each other. Most of it is simply based on not taking the time to understand the other group, or wanting to. The lycra jokes are not funny at all and neither are the Fred jokes.

  2. Steven says:

    I guess I write about this rift quite a lot, because I personally span both sides of the spectrum. I’m a bike hoarder see 🙂 Classic ones, Fast ones. Folding ones. On wednesday I take delivery of my very own bakfiet!

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