Velorbis Churchill Classic, for sale to fine home

I am alive to the idea of selling my Velorbis Churchill Classic, with both leather and standard coat guards. AUD$1200 seems like a gentlemanly price, with the buyer to arrange shipping. The forks and rear rack have been sanded and touched up where there were signs of rust. Otherwise, you are looking at a fortunes worth of top quality accessories.

It will be sold with brand new, never used, Brooks leather saddle, grips and mud flap, so no-one will know you didn’t pay the full price to Jimmy The definitive review of this bike happens to have been written by me, and can be found here. It is the smaller 54cm version, though you would need to be 6′ or over to be looking at the larger frame size, and in any case I would not sell to you simply for the fact that I don’t like tall guys looking down at me during transactions (or much older guys, or much richer guys, or doctors, or engineers, or anyone who has ever played rugby league).

I have found the Churchill Classic is more comfortable and significantly faster than my Scrap Deluxe. It is virtually immune to punctures, and easier, with the SRAM hub, to remove the rear wheel. The Scrap though, better matches my youthful hair. The Churchill suits a man who looks his age, in ways I’m afraid I never will. I thank you for your consideration.


  1. tk says:

    that Brooks sounds pretty sweet. how much on its own?

    • Steven says:

      You know I so want to give you that saddle… But, while I have you, let’s say we pin a google-map of singapore, with every destination that could be accessed via a bicycle “highway” running right the way up the river, to Bukit Timah nature reserve, that it would then loop? You know, there are some chubby little dragon year kids over there, who would benefit from cycling to school

    • Steven says:

      I can’t edit that one. Should we start a new one from scratch? You see, I would leave off the roads, and just map new routes along the waterway, the old Malaysian rail line, and (this is a long shot) over/under/beside the MRT lines.

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