Ah, the year that was, and the year that will be. I think my old blog, BehoovingMoving, might get revamped in 2012. Dr. Behooving’s literary voice can’t flow with such drunken ease in a blog like Cycle-Space, that really needs to be reserved for posts about architecture and urban planning. I miss writing letters to imaginary followers, as though I were King Ludd of the Luddites, riding an old Raleigh around Sherwood Forest.

So I will have two blogs: this one to document evolving ideas and projects of an architectural nature, and Behooving Moving to provide the free space that first inspired me to keep a blog. The freebies I get from a few banner ads will make me feel better about paying for two accounts and domains.
Later next year, my book about cycling/architecture will hit the architecture bookshops, and I will no doubt hit the promotional trail. Look out for a formal announcement and release date in coming weeks. For now I’ll say, the joy was in the writing and research, in ways I have not felt with prior publications I’ve been involved with. As anyone must, who is involved in bike advocacy, I feel history is being made here. The story might be told that yuppies like me, were raised on bikes in the burbs, then just felt guilty that we were depriving our own kids of the same, by being yuppies. So here we are taming the city, assuaging an unspeakable shame. Yep. And here’s to us having our way.

I turned 44 yesterday. The Western World, Anno Domini, turns 2012 at midnight tomorrow. In the 1970s, Holland and Denmark stood up for kids rights to cycle to school. The rest of us said, “fuck it, we’ll drive them around.” We got sold a huge lie, then allowed the gullible to keep reproducing. I’m not sure we can sterilise everyone who still believes cars are better than bikes, but we can ignore them. We can celebrate cycling with better architecture than we use for car parks. We can festishize bikes, bike clothing, and the cycling itself, so it’s always enjoyable, despite the siege conditions it remains under. We can name our space “cycle-space”, then their space cycle-space, then everywhere cycle-space. For another 6 months at least, I’ll be focussing on ways that sprawling post industrial cities (such as my own) might, realistically, be redeemed for people not cars—which, I think, will have to mean people on bikes.
Thanks all for reading my blog, and following me via twitter. There aren’t so many people in my face to face life, or readers of scholarly texts, who have been willing to indulge me as you have 🙂


  1. kfg says:

    “I turned 44 yesterday.”
    Ah, a teenager of that armpit of culture we call “The 80’s.” You poor bastard. Well, happy birthday and shit anyway.
    “better architecture than we use for car parks.”
    Well, at least the multilevels can be turned to use as hill climb velodromes. And maybe, I don’t know, some ivy would help?

    • Steven says:

      Of the 80s, you must understand, we did not have Ronnie or Maggie preaching “just say no”. We had a genius, atheist, hedonist for a prime minister, setting a much different tone. My generation’s only fault is as true for all generations: they are mostly cretins

  2. kfg says:

    “just say no”
    Yes, there was that little bit of goofy humor to liven things up a bit, plus that’s when we got The Paul Hogan Show.

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