Newcastle Waterway Discovery Loop

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  1. petermc says:

    As it’s not that much further, I wondered if it would be possible for the loop to actually be joined to the Fernleigh track and also run further along Styx Creek to the Kotara homemaker centre where there are currently a few cycling pathways already – i.e around the other side of the lower left BOAHD ( I confess that I haven’t physically checked it all out myself ). If possible, this might encourage nervous or social “lake” cyclists to become commuters with more purpose, beyond the end of the Fernleigh track and more easily become part of the overall loop traffic. Regardless, it’s a great idea. I sometimes ride my Fraudian (sic) Dutch upright from Belmont to Newcastle via the delightful car-free Throsby and Wickham sections and wish it was all like that !

  2. Steven says:

    Thanks for that! The loop, and its bike traffic, would give weight to calls from The Newcastle Cycleways Movement to improve the city-to-fernleigh route along Teralba Road, that currently has a bad crossing at Glebe Rd. Terabla Rd runs into Melville Rd, that I’m proposing become a “bike boulevard”, or something similar. The off-road bike path from Northcot Drive (Bunnings etc.) that heads under the rail line, then mid block between Fairfield Ave and Kings Rd, heads straight toward land behind the railway turntables that deserves being redeveloped with bicycle oriented affordable housing: I see the loop linking up to Kotara via that route. I love that word Fraudian! I’ll wave to you from my Velorbis 🙂

  3. kfg says:

    I prefer my cycling Jungfraudian.

  4. petermc says:

    Thanks, and good luck with the plan – I am grateful for small differences ! 🙂

  5. Lukas Junker says:

    Now that the fernleigh track is complete (it is, isn’t it?), this would indeed be a great new project to get council and state government funding to get kicked off! Should there be some community association or the like getting started or getting involved (newcastle cycleways?) I would be interested to be on the email list and kept in the loop! I have been stranded in Islington before, looking for the path that surely would follow the water and was amazed that it didn’t exist.
    By the way, I am currently in Switzerland in about 120 cm of snow, and saw a girl on a bike pulling another girl on a tabogen (with music from bag) along the path from one village to another. What a sight!

  6. kfg says:

    “in Switzerland . . . saw a girl on a bike pulling another girl on a tabogen”
    Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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