Enjoying long rides in the rain

After 20 years of experimentation, with ponchos, gore-tex, and just getting wet, I have come to the conclusion that the further one rides in the rain, the less they need to wear for the journey.

Anyone with an Abraham Lincoln beard is a subby.  
So the mad idea strikes you, to go for a long relaxing ride in the wet. You cast your mind to three dozen internet purchases, that seemed like good ideas at the time—like shaving your cheeks and missing your jaw. Take stock for a moment. Think about that cape flapping around like a loose sail, or your gore-tex jacket directing ice cold streams down your spine, and consider that all of these things you have bought might just be bothersome crap, that probably saturate your clothes underneath with almost as much sweat as they ever stopped rain.
Our best protection, in my boastful opinion, are the body’s endorphins. Get a bit fancy with waterproof socks, a merino mix jersey and a rear mud guard, and long rides in the rain can almost feel cosy.
Cabin fever got the better of me here today. I had kids playing around me, trouble writing just a few paragraphs, and a feeling I have been riding too much on my indoor trainer. So I dressed as you see in the photo above (on the right) and rode around the coast in the rain. I had it all to myself. And I guess that’s what they call “recreation”.

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