It's my blog, I'll mope if I want to

You know, sometimes I miss my old blog, and all the great nonsense that went along with it. And when the unimaginative turds of this world finally do sap me of the strength I require, to go on arguing for greenways, paid for by the brownfield development sites they could open up for bicycle oriented development, I may just revive Behooving Moving. There was to be a travelling bike, merchandise, embrocation cream with mineral cosmetic particles to sneakily mask freckles and veins, but like so many great plans, all these relied on partnerships with people who, invariably, were to grow weary of me. I was just cleaning my desktop, and found this 90% finished version of the logo/head-badge Hamish and I had been working on. And now he’s moving to Sydney, while I map storm water drains, here in this most draining of cities.

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