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Readers in my city of Newcastle, will know our main bike routes are marred by some ridiculous crossings. One prevents countless potential cyclists from venturing between the city and its inner suburbs to the North West (Maryville, Mayfield, The University). It is where the Throsby Creek bike path crosses Hannel Street Wickham. The Newcastle Cycleways Movement needs people to stop at a tent they will have placed there, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this coming weekend, so sign a petition, asking to have traffic lights placed there for cyclists and pedestrians using this route. Please lend your support.

Greenway meets 4 lane arterial road. Prepare a white cross.


  1. kfg says:

    In my neck of the woods we have two similar intersections that follow blind curves in the road. Predictably (I predicted it) these have already acquired white bicycles.
    The planning commission solution? Predictably, putting up “Cyclist dismount and walk” signs. I guess they figure that increasing the fatality rate in that manner will “solve” the cyclist “problem” (i.e. that there are cyclists).
    It’s all rather depressing.

  2. Steven says:

    I can’t think of a reply that will not have me branded an anarchist

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