Greenways for all!

This (Southern Hemisphere) Summer, I shall mostly be cycling in virtual reality, mostly eating Vietnamese prawns, and mostly designing bicycling greenways. I think I love greenways even more than Belgian wheat beer, or even kinky high heels.

I’m seeing greenways underground with daylight pumped down there. I’m seeing greenways built over storm water canals. And now I’m seeing greenways spiraling around the outside of towers, providing bike access all the way to the roof. Greenways from the underworld unto the heavens, and everywhere in between. Just imagine if these gardens, on the outside of this building in Mexico, were not stepped, but were sloping, in the form of a continuous spiral. Go Speedy Gonzales!



  1. The Guggenheim Museum needs a greenway.

    • Steven says:

      funny you should mention this, but I’ve just been speaking to a Ken Yeang disciple (oh god, I wish I had so many disciples) about generating just such a plan to include in my big fat vision for Newcastle (my town) that I’m about to parade as a (potential) model bike city— but don’t they all have such potential. What isn’t clear from this article, is if the green ramp will be accessible to the public? let alone via bikes? It’s being built la?

  2. tk says:

    finish oreddy lah, open for business mah, but ramp cycling can or not i don’t know lor.

  3. tk says:

    it has the requisite SHIT bike parking though.

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