Inner city bike races, near my place, this weekend

They do it in Holland, so it must be Kosher, right? Wharf Road in my city center, will be closed to traffic for criterium races, this coming Saturday afternoon, as part of Newcastle’s Cycling Carnival, and to raise awareness of bike racers’ terribly knocked-about prostates. Additionally, King Edward Park will be closed for hill climb races, on Saturday morning. So get on your Dutch bike, put a big floppy sun hat on, instead of your $12 helmet, and come cheer for me, because I’m planning to win.
I detect more than a little prickliness, in certain commuting and recreational bike riding quarters, toward those of us who like to race bikes, as though we never commute, or travel, or anything but prance about like the bike world’s high priests. I don’t expect I will see you there, if you are one to harbour such grudges. Others among you though, will be more like the good folk of Rotterdam, who come out to see this kind of spectacle whenever it graces their city streets. I was directed toward the above clip, and the photos below, by my good buddy Jorrit in Rotterdam, (of Genre de Vie fame), who was a part of a similar recent event in his city, to the one planned for my town, this coming weekend. See ya’ll there.

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  1. Lukas Junker says:

    Dr Beehoving,
    How did you go on Saturday? When we got to the foreshore, you guys must have still been hill climbing, and we got stuck at the beach volleyball girls on Nobbys Beach. My four year old was fascinated by some limegreen body suited advertising monkeys with water canons and after that we had to ride back to Carro for afternoon napping.
    Did the community embrace the event, like they wanted to embrace the beach volleyball girls?

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