Spurious gossip only tangentially related to cycling

I once held in my hand, handwritten letters between Louis I. Kahn and Jackie O’—though she had signed her name Jackie Kennedy. I was a PhD candidate, spending a month in Louis Kahn’s archive at The University of Pennsylvania. Jackie, when she wrote those letters, was a new widow, approaching Kahn to design her late husband’s memorial library. The tone of their correspondence, was noticeably flirtatious.

Left: Mary a little stand-offish. Right: emboldened by wine, Bjarke wedges out Fred.

All I can say, is Frederik, be careful. These rising starchitects flirt like crazy with first ladies, and trust me, I know from experience, if you mention you’re an architect, women in positions of power develop a certain radiance that would fog the best infra red lens. This series of photos, retweeted a moment ago by @BjarkeIngels (oh, show some discretion sir!) would surely speak volumes to even the most amateurish observer of body language. And one last word Frederik, just remember how she got you!

Tension quite palpable!

I have more to say on Danish lax morals, in this earlier blog post.

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