Featuring the Urban Country, because it is featuring me :)

So kind of you, Professor¬†James Schwartz, to describe me as “colourful” in this here reposting of my Parable of the Cyclist Who Fixed Things for Everyone. And no, James and I are not brothers. It is simply that guys on commuter bikes all look the same, if you’re not accustomed seeing us (tip: it’s best that you do).
The Urban Country definitely ranks among the world’s crop of serious bike blogs, by earnest folk like James, Gusto, myself… perhaps a few others. But where I like to offset my usual earnestness with the occasional outburst of hyperbolic pomposity, James has this outlet. Should you be among the dozen or so people throughout the world, who would value my recommendations, know that I highly recommend The Urban Country, to you and your loved ones. It’s among the 4 or 5 blogs that I click on routinely, to see what he’s up to.

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