$5.5billion transport asset, left most days in Australian sheds

   Store-and-forget solutions, for bicycles you are too frightened to use.     Can I bore you with some quick figures? Australia’s National Cycling Participation Survey, 2011, found there to be 1.46 bicycles, in working order, per Australian […]

End in sight for dodgy bike stats

Allow me, if you will, to extol for a moment the superiority of research conducted by the academy, over hack work undertaken by well meaning dilettante researchers in local governments, private consultancies, and interest groups, who […]

Top-Gear hosts incite violence toward a vulnerable minority, and I say go after them

As someone who has been enormously successful in all aspects of life, I can say with some authority, that one must always play hardball with enemies. Among friends and family (and by that I mean, fellow […]

And I thought I could go fast on my road bike!

I keep thinking I should squander just a little more of may vast estate (so sorry pappa), this time on a Velomobile. Cars, aeroplanes, even bikes are so yesterday. Poop poop! From now on, it shall […]

How bookshops might look in places where everyone cycled

  With thanks to the great Gusto for chasing this lead. I have noticed my daily hit rate (the best measure of my popularity, now I've stopped swinging), takes a dip whenever I come over all speculative, […]