And I thought I could go fast on my road bike!

I keep thinking I should squander just a little more of may vast estate (so sorry pappa), this time on a Velomobile. Cars, aeroplanes, even bikes are so yesterday. Poop poop! From now on, it shall be velomobiles. Oh, vehiclar cycling had its delights, matching it with cars by my own power. But only with a peloton of fellow fools could I ever really go as fast as a car, on a highway. With a velomobile though… have a look at this brave pioneer of green transport:


  1. Anonymous says:

    HPV Record

    Have you booked your flights & accommodation for Battle Mountain next week? I guess you’ll be a spectator this year, but with a sponsor & some training, … next year perhaps …?

    Are you behooved to move at greater than 132.5 kph?

    • Steven says:

      Re: HPV Record

      somehow this doesn’t float my pedal powered boat quite as much as the riding down mountains. I mean, I can’t see myself having a nice day taped into a cockpit, whereas riding over a mountain, maybe stopping for lunch at the top, then sitting on 100k all the way down the lee side, I could blow off a whole year in Europe that way.

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