What laws should cyclists abide by?

If we look at advertisements made by the world’s leading experts on urban cycling, the Dutch, to ensure the ongoing popularity of this mode of transport, we would conclude the only laws that apply to cyclists, […]

Greetings, Any New Local Readers

Like any evil genius, I do so love hearing my voice on the airwaves, as happened this morning, thanks to the vision and wisdom of local public broadcaster, Jill Emberson. While I don’t expect more than […]

5-star safety rated bicycling zones: an infectious idea

Nothing quite matches a day cycling in Sydney, to stoke the ol’ furnace of critical thought. I note their planners’ preoccupation with the overall percentage of trips according to mode: car, train, bus or bike. Sydney […]

is the PAS house a house, or a skate park?

  If it were a house, it might not meet building regulations pertaining to safety. Oh those regs can be so freaking anal, you knows! By calling it a skate park though, and asking your visitors […]

When bikes look like the buidlings they're parked near

I saw this beautiful chrome bike chained out back of the Cooper Union Building, in New York, by Morphosis, and couldn’t help wondering if the owner lived or worked a few blocks away, but chained their […]