Imagine if…

Imagine if, just for one year, the money they spent building roads was used to build bicycle infrastructure. Every cycleway would be roofed over, and back-drafted. The ground plane would be sculpted to naturally accelerate and decelerate riders, with gravity. We would get our own tunnels, not these hand-me-down ones from ancient industries, but tunnels built where we need them. Cycle path maps would be a thing of the past: we would have signs! Steep hills would have bike lifts. Lego would have to add a whole new range of kits to their City range: bicycle parking stations, box-bikes and flyovers. Imagine if cyclists were pandered to for a year, as though they were drivers. Wouldn’t drivers feel jealous and switch? In my uncharacteristic, perhaps “youthful”, state of sanctimony this evening, it seems strangely fitting to post an apt song, that captures this feeling of hopelessness:

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    Lego has some pretty okay stuff right now. See AND from what I have seen Lego cyclists seem to be less fond of helmets than actual Danish people…

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