Looking for architecture students who share my passion for cycling

I’m imagining a shopping center that doubles as a bicycling center. I’m imagining some kind of cross between Boulder Indoor Cycling, Kim Bridgland’s Hunting Grounds, OMA’s Prada Store, and BIG’s proposed waste treatment plant in Copenhagen, with the ski run on the roof.

It is unlike me to ask for help, but I really am looking for some hot young architects, and/or architecture students, to develop images and proposals growing out of these theoretical inquiries. Send me an email! If you have the design flair, presentation skills, and interest in cycling, your work will be published and duly credited. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    Cycle-Space ??

    I wish I was (or is it were) an architecture student.

    Reason for posting though – what’s happened to the cycle-space website?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it

    I decided to make my final work of this theme…
    It is very interesting…Hope I may show you my desing.
    Nice pics!

    Mary Ann
    Architecture Student

    • Steven says:

      Re: Love it

      Hi Mary Ann, I would love to see your thesis project as it develops. We’re working on an online magazine to showcase bike friendly architecture, that will have a section for unbuilt works, where I hope we might be able to publish your work. My email is behoovingmoving at the gmail place, should you wish to talk more. Cheerio

  3. I am currently working on my studio project which is a Master Plan for Union Station in Los Angeles and its centered on the concept of network of Transportation Transition Hubs and Union Station being at its Center. Along with this is the thought of having elevated bike ways running above Major Los Angeles boulevards. Union Station being the Hub These elevated ways converage and interconnect the various bits of program and types of transportation at Union Station. I’d love to show you the work once its completed Mid December.
    SCI-Arc 4A
    p.s. would you be interested in speaking here at SCI-Arc?

    • Steven says:

      Hi Richard, thanks for the email. Love the sound of your project. It would seem to call for a fairly large cheap/free bike parking station, and pops for cheap/free hire bikes. SCI-Arc is precisely the kind of place where I would like to give a talk about cycle-space, hopefully/maybe before you move on 🙂

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