Gehry's Bike Friendly Stata Center in Boston

Am just posting via my new Flickr account, to see if this works.

There are no big signs in the sky to direct pilots

The world is full of signs for automobiles, because there are just so many of the darn things. As cyclists we’re lucking if we can find a map with which to identify a safe routes to […]

Reclaim the footpath with "non-critical mass rides"

Here’s a plan to tackle low rates of neighbourhood cycling in the many countries where it is legally problematic to ride on the footpath. I call it the non-critical mass ride. Background: sports cyclists became the […]

Dr. Behooving's Cycling City Awards

My darlings, it was always my intension to sit down and craft one of my characteristically vociferous blog entries, dolling awards to the world’s best, worst, and wildest bike cities. It was to be a venerable […]

Why no bike stations in Copenhagen?

 People on the town in Copenhagen, often just latch the rear wheel then disappear into the bar.  One of my main reasons for my coming to Copenhagen, was to learn about their secure bicycle parking. There […]